Nkem Odera O'Gonuwe

My earliest memories are of the plastic, Fisher Price blackboard displayed in my apartment living room. I gripped white chalk in my hand as I wrote my first words at age two. And in all the years since then, I never put down my pen.

I filled my notebooks with half-baked stories, writing the first few chapters before starting anew. I remember seeing a writing contest advertised by PBS and decided to complete my first work of fiction at age six. I spent weeks writing and rewriting The Day My Dinosaur Ate My Neighborhood and sketching the accompanying pictures. My short story earned me a participation certification and the desire to keep writing.

I began writing my first book eight years later. It was January 2014, and I had just completed my first semester of high school. I rewrote Shattered three times in two years before publishing my debut novel through my publishing company, Delu Press, in December 2016.

I write the stories that I always wanted to read. Fantastical worlds with strong, female leads and realistic fiction that tackles polarizing topics that affect me. Books are the best way to peer into a life unlike your own. I love to capture the diversity of the world, infusing aspects of my Igbo culture and perspective into my characters.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I did writing them.


Nkem Odera O’Gonuwe